Gate Glide

Within months of installation, most wooden back yard gates start to sag due to gravity. Eventually, all wooden gates will sag.  Weather and gravity are the main cause of gate demise.  Gate sag prevents the gate from closing and latching smoothly unless the gate is lifted as it shuts.

 Do you have a gate that looks like this?  A Little off?  

You have to do the “Lift and Latch” to get the gate to close at all?

Have you considered cables that are hard or even dangerous to install? 

Gate Glide is an inexpensive easy solution for a sagging gate. 


The Gate Glide TM is a two piece device which attaches to a wooden gate and its latch post.    It’s unique compound curved surfaces lift and align a sagging gate, and permit it to close smoothly as the gate swings shut.    When closed, the two pieces of the Glide support the gate in its original, installed position. GGgatebeforeafter